CleanTok and the stories don’t disappear

This is probably the best thing on my camera roll this day, which isn’t saying much. I fell down another TikTok rabbit hole and ended up buying this Pink Stuff to clean the stove. It works and all, but I’m not sure it’s any different than Soft Scrub. It really took a lot of elbow grease.

It does smell better. And it’s pink. (insert shrug emoji)

It was this stove door or a photo of Edie under a cat bed.

This might be a good boring moment to share how I arrive at a photo.

First, I download all pictures from the camera into separate folders for each day of the month. Then I dump all my newest phone photos into a big single directory.

I’ve lately been shooting all iPhone photos in Apple’s version of RAW and iPhoto doesn’t sync all that data through the cloud. (Locally downloaded copies open in the RAW editor of Photoshop, but not when I drag them from the Photos app.)

When it comes time to post I can search all photos taken on a given day across camera and phone:

A MacOS Finder window with search criteria to find images on May 4, 2022. Thumbnails of photos of a cat and a stove door appear in the results.

Also documented the arrival of Nintendo Switch Sports. A cocktail with an umbrella. A stack of books. A screenshot of Fiona Apple song I wanted to remember. That Pink Stuff and remnants of a rare Instagram story.

The latter seems to disappear, but I guess it doesn’t after all.