America’s Next Great Food Cities

May kicks off and spring is in full effect. Walked to the bookstore to grab the latest copy of Food & Wine magazine and looked for the next book to read.

Their issue features America’s Next Great Food Cities and Cincinnati kicks off the piece—or maybe it just looks that way when viewing it the web page while in Ohio. The internet is terribly dynamic (and sometimes I wish it would simmer down).

Regardless of order, there are many great restaurants on their list—a handful get an enthusiastic nod and the rest have now been added to the list of places to try.

Other cities include: Boise, Idaho; Bozeman, Montana / Omaha, Nebraska / Biddeford, Maine / Indianapolis, Indiana / Charlottesville, Virginia / Jersey City, New Jersey / Tucson, Arizona / Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina

A magazine spread with a full page photograph of pastries and the accompanying text describing restaurants in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, a place for food