I cannot tip my hat enough

Store credit in hand, went up north to Liberty Township to pick up a new printer. To test the connection I tried printing this draft tweet and it worked—wirelessly—which is magic to me as I’ve only used cables for this feat.

Thought I’d dust off this notion to say thanks to everyone who reached out with support, texts, likes and emoji for my post about the checkup.

I cannot tip my hat enough.

If you’re ever in the area, let’s celebrate and bend elbows outside!

In other news, I’m going to miss that old Best Buy logo and signage.

A store front with the words BEST BUY in a big yellow sale tag at a jaunty angle
The old Best Buy signage
Old and new Best Buy logos
Old and new Best Buy logos

Also, did you know that e-ink doesn’t draw power? Once configured it remains in a particular state of display. I had no idea until Jasper mentioned it and then made the connection with the tags at Best Buy.

An e-ink price tag for a wireless HDMI adapter that costs $49.99
An e-ink price tag