25 years later

My oncologist of almost two decades retired three years ago. Then a pandemic happened and I didn’t have a checkup for some time. (I know.)

My new oncologist ordered extensive tests to get a fresh snapshot of where I am with this, what I like to call a “touch of leukemia.”


So yeah, we’re entering my 25th year of Stage IV Leukemia/Lymphoma. I’ve managed to evade treatment so far. The procrastinator inside of me is thrilled and very, very grateful.

The whole reason we’ve avoided action all these years is twofold: I’m not really symptomatic and we’re hoping for advances in medicine.

It seems those advances are nigh. A new DNA test shows that my particular variety of cancer would respond extremely well to the latest treatments, possibly even full remission.

Also learned through bloodwork that I may not likely not fare well with Covid, even with vaccinations and boosters. My doctor recommended a new Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to tilt the odds favorably.

I’m like, give me all the drugs! So now we’ll run it through the insurance gauntlet and see what’s what. I’m honestly flabbergasted a test exists to determine risk and there’s medication to address it.

Ask your doctor about Evusheld. (Or share with someone who might be at higher risk.)


  1. Thanks, Chris! I am delighted and relieved you have beaten the odds for 25 years. May the new advances in treatment work well for you. It’s been 25 years since we spent time together whilst I was on tour with “Phantom”. How can that be?

    Big HUGs!

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