A few updates to the theme

Kay has been making some updates to the site here. I should make a changelog but her GitHub Repository for the theme has this information and more.

The biggest changes:

Refactored navigation on posts to provide more context. Not sure these are in the right order, but the links to older/newer posts at the bottom of each post should be clearer.

Revised links. Links can now have links inside the description! Delicious and Pinboard had a simple description field of plain text. Now links here can include credit and provide related content. Also reformatted the links page big time to inherit new styling from the front of the site. Also added an automated tag cloud at the bottom instead of a curated list of 7 types.

Lots of little details won’t be immediately visible, but there will be more flexibility to design posts with WordPress Blocks in the future.

I don’t think Edie is excited by all this stuff as I am.