The Flaming Lips at the Andrew J Brady Music Center

Two concerts in the same week? Madness!

This was my first concert at the new venue that was called The Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center for a hot minute until they lopped off the Icon bit. They say the change was to celebrate the legacy of the namesake but I dunno… Sounds like a line.

Anyway, new venue downtown! Confusing at first to navigate while the house lights were down during the first act. Grabbed a cocktail and visited the little outside bar upstairs, then found our seats for the Flaming Lips.

I thought I planned well for a good view no matter the circumstance, but I failed. The only person standing in the balcony was in front of me and blocked the show. Mental notes have been made for the future.

Overall? This is a great concert venue. It’s got a very vertical intimacy for indoor shows. I don’t know how else to describe it. The outdoor lawn looks small, but it’s got a capacity for 8000. I look forward to seeing a show there.

As for The Flaming Lips, they certainly spent a lot of time inflating things—be it a giant robot for Yoshimi, a big ol’ rainbow for Do You Realize or Wayne Coyne’s bubble. The latter moments were always paired with demands from the frontman to have the crowd scream.

I’m like, seriously? You’re getting in that bubble while you’re asking everyone to spread droplets in the air.

Anyway, here’s a few more snapshots from the evening!

A lone stander at a concert
A person standing and clapping their hands at a concert
The silhouette of a figure standing while everyone else is seated. The backdrop is a colorful screen and lights and fog from a live musical performance.
The city of Cincinnati at night as viewed from the Andrew J Brady Music Center
View from the outdoor bar