Pata Roja Taqueria

It wasn’t ideal weather for eating outside, but it was good enough dagnabbit. We stayed dry, that’s all that matters. Cocktails from Bar Saeso in Pendleton were super tasty, and it wasn’t simply because someone else made them. They were really good.

On their patio is a taco joint I’ve had friends rave about. Pata Roja Taqueria has a straightforward menu, and there’s something magical going on there. Pretty sure they fry cheese on the insides of their tortillas. Churros are freshly made.

Next time I hope to try the birra.


A glass door with gold lettering with red outlines that reads SEAESO CANTINA." There is a reflection of plants and shrubs. And two cocktails with orange rind and orange slice Dismiss Home Explore Notifications Messages
Cocktails from Bar Saeso
4 different salsas and a side of tortilla chips
A sampler of salsas
Three tacos with various proteins with onions, cilantro, lime wedges and salsa - and A handprinted menu for Tacos, Quesadillas, Totops, salsa, guacamole and churros
Taco taco taco