Hatch Show Print

Though the trip was short, Hatch Show Print was just a few blocks from the hotel and a must see before hitting the road back home.

I’d read up on this historic place, had a few posters and pored over their books. This is one of the birthplaces of design for music—mostly in the form of handbills and posters, but influential far beyond these formats. (A bit of history on their website.)

The presses are now tucked inside the modern Country Music Hall of Fame (and Museum) and still churn out new work alongside a gallery and gift shop.

Given more time, I’d have taken the tour and tacked on an afternoon for the big museum to check out some of Porter Wagoner’s Nudie suits (SFW).

A display of letterpress art posters
On display at the Hatch Show Gallery
A graphic print inside a red barn with large curved type that reads "HOOZYTHINKYIZ?"
A print from a Wayne White show – details on HOOZYTHINKYIZ?
A wall of letterpressed posters
At the gift shop
An inside view of a letterpress and various equipment for printing
A peek at a press