A better deal than a family membership to Heritage USA

The smiling person behind the counter at Busken Bakery let me know it was a much better deal to get six donuts than the four originally requested. So I ran with that and have no real regrets.

Later that evening I’d cut a pastry in half for dessert while watching The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Not the excellent documentary from 2010 narrated by RuPaul, but the 2021 version with newly Oscar® minted Jessica Chastain in the leading role (YT trailer).

It’s weird to watch this recreation through the lens of personal experience. My dad loved the Bakkers and their PTL Club. The 1-2 hour show always filled a slot on our television whenever it aired.

Once they expanded to the PTL Network we trained our satellite dish on the station for round the clock updates and asks for donations. When the allure of a lifetime family membership to their waterpark at Heritage USA was dangled, we signed up excitedly.

I wasn’t in it for the Last Supper re-enactments or grand tower hotel rooms. I wanted to experience the water slides.

We never did get down there. All of it was bankrupt shortly after the check cleared. Our membership card was worthless.

This retelling of Tammy Faye’s story emphasizes the grossness of Jim Bakker and his manipulation of everyone. It’s done well enough to be frustrating.

The biggest shame is that Tammy’s no longer with us and Jim continues to peddle awful ideology and sell crap. Have you seen his disaster preparedness buckets (YT parody)?

An actress with lots of eye makeup looks into the camera lens.
Another Oscar® for make-up