Target is selling these reusable cleaning bottles and concentrate. Figured it was worth a try, getting the orange and rosemary multi-purpose cleaner. Mix the concentrate with water and you’re good to go. The fragrance is a touch light, but the cleaner is very good at cleaning counters, removing grease and leaving no streaks on stainless steel.

Next I need to figure out how to move away from shampoo in single use plastic bottles.

Randomly searched for orange songs while pulling this post together and made a playlist with the results on Spotify :-|

Photograph of a glass spray bottle with a rubber base and a package of Grove Co. orange scented multi-purpose cleaning concentrate.
Grove Collaborative multi-purpose cleaner


  1. I love Grove so much, but they ruin their great cause with horrible UX trickery. Putting things in my cart on the first visit, I’m sure yields great metrics, but it feels very icky. Also, hi Chris. It’s been far too long, and you’re wonderful and I miss you.

    • Hi Paul! — I bought Grove at Target and now I can’t find the refills, which makes me think they’ve set me up to their nefarious online tomfoolery! UGH. Also HI BACK! We should bend elbows!

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