Waiting for the worm to turn

Here is a fuzzy picture of the moon somewhere in the midst/mist. It’s not quite full, but when it gets there it’ll be the last of winter, known as the Worm Moon. I know this because I did an internet search.

This reminds me of a song by the band Bourgeois Tagg. Their big hit was I Don’t Mind At All in 1987. You have MAYBE heard it if you’re of a certain MTV era age…

But the song I’m thinking about is their follow-up single called Waiting for the Worm to Turn. It dropped with a thud, but I always dug the weirdness and hooks. To make it palatable and understandable for my young noggin, I replaced the word Worm with World when singing along.

I always wondered it really meant, and thanks again to the internet I can find a possible truth.

The worm turns — used to talk about how a situation can suddenly change so that a person who has been weak, unlucky, unsuccessful, etc., can become strong, lucky, successful, etc.

Merriam Webster

I guess the lyric kinda worked both ways, which was probably the intent.

The Pink Moon is next.