Other information used to supplement images

Ever since working with Kay to refresh the bones of this site, I’ve been mindful of accessibility. There’s the parts baked into the theme that reduce noise for screen readers and enable keyboard navigation, and then there’s the world of alt text for all the images.

The W3C has some documentation on how to go about describing images, but it feels somewhat limited. Best I category I figure is ”Images used to supplement other information.” But really, images are pretty much the main course here.

Either way, link graphics and journal photographs all get descriptions upon upload. It’s an extra step in the process I like to relish… a quiet conversation, pleasantly uncomplicated.

A colorful handmade carousel

A young man with a cup of juice smiles while an older man makes bunny ears behind him

Bearded men reading in the shade at the side of the creek

A convenience store in Cleveland Ohio

Two young folks photographed from above assemble a Lego Set

A paper shredder represents falling rain in a miniature diorama

And today is: Fireplace mantle with soundbar and light filtered through blinds