Warm enough!

In addition to cat photos, this is a place to broadcast temperatures from the past. This February Sunday started at 21°F and peaked at 57°, inspiring an outdoor beer and burger after a good long walk between Kentucky and Ohio.

Several spares house outdoor seating on a promenade
Heated outdoor igloos at the Levee
An arched yellow bridge crosses a brown river. Buildings and houses are visible across the river on a hillside
Mt. Adams and the Big Mac bridge
A hilly urban area with lots of houses, some multi-unit apartments or condos and a few churches
Mt. Adams
Wide curving concrete steps go down to a brown river. Several people are standing or sitting on the adepts. A bridge is off in the background
Serpentine Wall
A red white and blue concession stand that is closed
Concession stand
Brown river water churns
The river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory