An analog space*

We’ve got this nook in the bedroom with built in shelves that wanted to be something. The decision was made to keep technology to a minimum—no computers or monitors or televisions and make it an analog space*.

With that goal in mind I started to flesh out the space with a desk, moved the fake Eames lounge chair up there and just today installed a light from Andrew Neyer. The light was packaged with such care and attention to detail, installation was a breeze (though I should have placed it lower on the wall.) There was even a penny included to ensure space for a gap between the screw-head and wall.

Now the desk drawers are filled with blank notecards, stationery, envelopes, stamps and pens.

It’s a great place to read or write.

* Okay, there is a HomePod for music and automation of things.

A lamp packaged in cardboard with a yellow smiley-face sticker that reads "Live brighter." and an instruction card for installing the lamp