When mom moved out on her own later in life, she found a fourplex in Norwood and made it her home. She had a knack of transforming any space into something eclectic, cohesive and comfortable—filled with interesting things to delight the senses.

She would have stayed at that place longer, but they tore down the entire street to build Rookwood Pavilion on the site of the old LeBlond plant. (They kept main factory and turned it into a Don Pablo’s restaurant, which has since closed.) This plaza would also house a future favorite destination: Joseph Beth Books.

All these thoughts swirl through my head when I pass by an apartment building in the area.

I often think I should get with friends and pool our funds to get one of these multiplexes and make a city respite where we share Wifi, pantry items and meals.

Then I come across this beauty below and do the math… Alright, we could split it twenty-seven ways -or- into ten chunks, knocking down walls to make mega-apartments.

3634 Edwards Road - A brick multi-unit apartment complex
The Aero (un-technically at “twenty-sevenplex”)