I first read about this game on Polygon where they mentioned is has 14,000 audio files just for picking things up and putting them down. So when you pull a book from a box of things to unpack, it sounds different when you place it on the desk, carpeted floor or bed. It’s a small detail, but delightful. (Snapping magnets to the fridge is particularly satisfying.)

As someone who enjoys unpacking and pixelated isometric art, this game is right up my alley. It starts simple with a single room and grows more complex as you move on each subsequent place.

A story is revealed by the objects you’re putting away. And once boxes are emptied you’ll find out if anything is out of place, which often reveals another layer to the story.

This game is fun short spells when you want to chill out.

Unpacking Game (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam and more)