The inside of a furnace

I’m fairly certain that furnaces are made to make maintenance something that requires a professional.

It starts with the blinking light for two digit error codes. Then there’s all the warning labels not to take off the panels. Then when you take off the panels it’s a mess of pipes and wires and boards.

Has no manufacturer rethought this machine from the ground up with modern technology?

Anyway, this furnace doesn’t like to work and it’s been a beast of a time getting service instead of sales calls.

That said, I have started a collection of space heaters. Here are some reviews:

An ugly plastic space heaterVornado VH10 Vortex Space Heater 1500W
This thing isn’t pretty, but it’s small and powerful. Good for a medium sized room.
DeLonghi 1500-Watt Oil-filled Radiant Tower
This needs some time to burn off the initial smell of chemicals, but once you get past that it’s great for an even heat in a medium sized area.
A small white space heaterLasko CD08200 Ceramic Space Heater
This little one is great for bathrooms or kitchens as it will shut itself off if it shorts. It also has a built in one hour timer. Great to tap to pre-heat a small room.
Amazon Space HeaterAmazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater
This thing has a ton of great reviews, but my feelings lean way more on the tepid side. It’s quite large in size but seems to only direct a stream of warm air in single direction.