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Before (Casey’s) movers arrived with his stuff, I ran around to look for a few pieces that might fill gaps in thew new old house. Things like narrow rugs for the kitchen or big rugs for the bedrooms.

Shopped early to minimize crowds as the US had just identified the first case of the more transmissible Omicron variant at the top of December. (Sigh.)

Didn’t find anything of interest at the At Home store so I darted over to West Elm to see what they might have in store. Turns out they don’t have much in stock but I did find an old scratch and dent floor model chair that will serve a desk well. Pondered some lights but most of their stuff has LEDs that don’t look replaceable.

While the movers did their thing I came back and winterized plants outside the house, flattened cardboard boxes in the garage and assembled a fire pit.

We’d close out the momentous day using too many logs on the aforementioned pit, a lovely endcap to a very dense… month? Months? What is time?

A wall display of bagged candy
Successfully avoided buying anything from the impulse candy at the At Home checkout
A light fixture made of angled LED bars
West Elm’s Light Rods LED Chandelier(s)