Independent timelines are converging, all operating at different speeds. Hence the delay updating this here journal.

In what seemed every spare moment, we’d been looking for a house in a most frustrating market… where a listing might last one day before going pending.

Requirements evolved, search areas expanded and retracted.

Winter was coming and we thought we’d pause and resume the search after the holidays.

And then something popped up and our realtor Brett got us in for a tour.

It felt like it hit many of the notes and added a few we hadn’t considered.

We put in an offer and it was accepted. !!!

That was a month ago and today we signed the closing papers on this day before Thanksgiving.

In the meantime there’s been a flurry of financial records, disclosures, explanations and then some. All the while work was still firing on all cylinders and the packing of the things.

After getting the the keys we excitedly went over to walk through the place and get a sense of where things might go and realized the electricity was off. Long story short, closing was moved up and Duke Energy couldn’t flip any switches til the next week.

So we rolled with it and shut off the water and bled the lines as temps were dipping below freezing.

Besides, the holiday break would give us time to get things in order and ready to move.

That’s what these boxes represent and a slew of bins my Aunt lent as she just moved back to Cincinnati. (Thanks Aunt April!)