I didn’t buy the ring light

My car had been in the shop for 2 weeks.

Factory issue, faulty sunroof seal.

I had it looked at once at a dealership a while back and their fix didn’t take. (It’s sadly common.)

Found another dealership recently and they took the whole ordeal more seriously — replacing the headliner, entire trunk foundation (which was a pond by this point) and fixing the drains that cause the issue.

The only thing they didn’t do was top off the washer fluid.

I went to a CVS after picking it up hoping to find some. The drug store has lots of sections, but none for car stuff — that’s for gas stations and convenience stores.

I walked out without buying a thing.

I am crossing my fingers the sunroof stops leaking.

And now I’m realizing, sometimes a thing isn’t a thing at all. It’s the absence of a thing which can be delightful.

Like a ring light. Or a leak.