head on, angled

Though temps have dipped a tad, the light has been wonderful, the air crisp.

Took a nice long walk around the neighborhood listening to stories from Dolly Parton. (Sidenote: I know Apple wants to sell watches, but these narrated walks should have greater accessibility.)

This could have been the pinnacle of the day, but right as I got home my friend Nick texted to say he was in the neighborhood and had an hour to kill. I put my coat back on and headed out for a cocktail and conversation.

Extra bonus? Running into Mak and catching up as well while enjoying an outdoor fire.

And now for some random photos from the day I categorize as: angled, head on, angled, head on, angled.

A small brick church
True Unity Baptist Church, Northside
A building with the word KINETICS in metallic letters on the side
Kinetics Corporation
A strange building with no windows painted in gray patchwork of squares
I believe this is a storage facility
Colored window and an air-conditioning unit on a tan building
A building on top of a building