Revisiting old haunts

With the building in Northside for sale, it’s prudent have a plan and look for a next place to live. Rent? Buy? The latter seems logical at this stage, but the concept is paralyzing and the market is one million percent bonkers.

Whenever in doubt, I apply rigueur, like in 2007 when I needed to get a car. I made a table with requirements, research, pros and cons.

Finding a house is so much more complex. The variables shoot in every direction: Location, style, neighborhood, vibe… And I’m already seeing priorities shift. Is it “move in ready”? And then there’s the stock… There’s simply not that much out there.

The search has wandered all over the city. Today we found ourselves on the east side—driving by places where I used to work, and neighborhoods where family lived.

All said and done, it is the beginning of a conversation—and goodness it can be all encompassing.

A large ranch house under construction
Future 2021 Homearama home, way out of the price range.
A sign against Critical Race Theory on a mailbox
Imagine living next to these folks.
Chcken tenders and french fries with dipping sauce
Citybird tenders

Sitting in a parked car, eating chicken tenders, pondering one of the biggest purchases of one’s life.