Up on a ladder at Wave Pool

I was in Camp Washington to take down some of the Reform America vinyl lettering that covered the front windows of Wave Pool. I wasn’t there for the installation, but just trying to chip away at these letters gave me immense respect for Cal, Eli and crew for getting it up at all.

In hindsight? This was an incredible undertaking and I’m proposing we avoid such installations in the future!

I did the best I could with wobbly legs and made some progress, but the letters way up the top were beyond my capability. Once I packed up supplies and ladder I did a loop through the gallery to see some of the art.

Good stuff.

Above: Erika Nj Allen’s Respira

A broken plate with a screenprinted design in blue ink
Terence Hammonds Welcome Edition #4 – The System Was Never Broken It Was Built This Way
A painting of colorful people holding shapes that resemble houses over their head
Sharareh Khosravani Untilted I from “Windy Land” series