The spaceship

It was possible to adjust our route from the coast and hit up Apple Park on the way.

Once I found out this was happening I got very excited.

I’d always wanted to visit Apple at some point and pay homage / tip my hat to the company that opened doors for realizing ideas so early in life.

They have a visitors center at the edge of the circular spaceship building with a store and viewing platform. Every detail and surface (particularly the stair case rails) were exquisite.

It was hard to see much of the main building from this vantage, but still… some micro-bucketlist item was checked off and I was thankful for the moment. (Plus also it was fun to see the new iMac colors IRL.)

Exterior of a modern designed glass and concrete building
Viewing through large panes of glass, the interior of an Apple Store is revealed
Three iMacs in pastel orange, yellow and red
T-shirts with Apple branding displayed in a retail setting
A man in a mask walks down a modern set of stairs.
A deck overlooking Apple Park