Along the coast

Our last days on this trip were spent with one of Casey’s best friends from Florida.

We spent the previous evening playing board games and noshing on charcuterie while gaps were filled in.

Waking up we hit the road to Half Moon Bay and drove down Highway 1 along the coast, popping in to a handful of beaches to get a glimpse of the ocean.

The last time I was on this particular route was 2003.

It was great to revisit from the passenger seat.

We deemed the Santa Cruz Boardwalk too busy for the moment, but that didn’t deter from the overall success of the day.

A largely empty beach on an overcast day
San Gregorio State Beach
Three friends in jackets pose for the camera
Chris, Casey & Amanda
A man and woman regard the ocean
Amanda & Chris at Pomponio State Beach
A lighthouse on a gray coastal morning
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Stickers along the back window of a VW Squareback
VW Squareback and flowers
Orange poppies along a fence
A teal and yellow metal framed roller coaster against a blue sky and a single palm tree
Undertow roller coaster at Santa Cruz Boardwalk
A teal sky lift goes across the sky along a coastal boardwalk amusement park
Sky Glider at Santa Cruz Boardwalk