Larry was a dog person

If you couldn’t find him at a social engagement, he was probably wherever the pets were hanging out. He often preferred the company of dogs, but there were exceptions.

Larry was a husband.

Marrying his best friend and partner of many years in Massachusetts the summer it became legal in 2004 and celebrating the expansion to all states in 2015. Larry and Tom were inseparable.

Two men face each other during a marriage ceremony
Larry and Tom wed – June 28, 2004

Larry was fired up.

When it came to social issues and politics, he championed causes that favored liberty and justice for all. He never let up and inspired others to be aware and act.

Larry was sober over 30 years.

One day he up and made the decision and stuck with it. He became a supporter with a calm and relentless understanding for any who wrestled with addiction seeking help.

Larry was an advocate of fitness.

He found his calling in life and changed the lives of many, introducing folks to exercise for the first time or helping those already in good shape to achieve higher goals. He framed working out in a context of listening to, nourishing, challenging and honoring one’s body.

A man in a red shirt walks through a sunny day at a street fair
Tom and Larry at the Northside Art Market – August 2015

Larry was a survivor.

He overcame two bouts of cancer, the second during the height of the pandemic in 2020. After he started to regain his health, it was time to sell their beautiful Victorian home in the Gaslight district of Cincinnati and move to sunny shores.

Larry was a man that lived a dream.

Once in Florida, Larry and Tom eased into a life of retirement, walks along beaches, caring for their family of cat and dogs and a network of friends and family that spanned the globe.

Larry was a friend — a friend I loved dearly.

He changed how I consider my self, my capabilities and potential — as he had with so many others.

I would not be the person I am today without his guidance.

And as it pains me to write about Larry in the past tense, it is his stubborn, delightful and supportive spirit I carry forward.

He left us too soon.

Please be considerate. Get vaccinated, love everyone a bit extra and take time to pet the dogs.

Larry Johnson 1951-2021

Two men at a party
Larry and Tom at a pride party – June 7, 2014