as the parade rolls along

If I had to rank holidays from my mom’s perspective, the Fourth of July would be on top of the list (though she found joy in every celebration.)

Independence Day was intertwined with so many things she loved… a garden in bloom, bright decorations, and a parade that began right in front of her porch – filled with the colorful characters that make up our neighborhood of Northside.

There’s been only a single parade since she passed. The last two, cancelled for reasons.

Yet pieces of the holiday tradition manage to be present wherever we are and up here on the mountain. 

I made deviled eggs and whipped up a good approximation of mom’s cole slaw thanks to a few key ingredients delivered by Todd, pictured above waving an American flag inspired handkerchief.

Throughout the day, family shared texts, snapshots and videos of their celebrations. So even though we’re all spread out, we find a moment to stand next to each other and wave as the parade rolls along.