Grapefruit ice cubes

Growing up mom would serve grapefruit cut in half, sprinkled with sugar, and we’d dig out the fruit with shovel shaped spoons. This breakfast course was usually met with a scrunched faces and reticence.

Grapefruit is one of those flavors that didn’t click until much later in life.

This morning we sat around the kitchen table and peeled the outer rind and pith around each segment of large grapefruits. These would be blended and poured into ice cube trays to add fun flavor to drinks throughout the week.

While those set we hiked to the creek, chased the shade and arranged ourselves to avoid marching ants.

I’d been obsessed with these brilliant Flame Skimmer dragonflies that are bright as fire when sunlight hits them. I finally snapped a photo of one resting on a branch. And though backlit, the phone’s camera compensated nicely to reveal details and a translucency I hadn’t imagined.

A red orange dragonfly
Flame skimmer dragonfly
Clear water in a creek
Up the creek