Bear in the wild

A few extra characters showed up at the creek today. Brent popped down and for the first time I met his dog Bandit — a charming pup who loves gathering thrown sticks (the return mechanics of fetching are of no interest to him.)

I hadn’t seen Brent for years so there was much to catch up on. He’s starting a venture with guided tours of Bhutan and just got a pop-up a-frame camper to capture a few highlights.

Conversation turned quickly when he spotted a bear ambling down the ridge. It popped down to the creek up a few clicks to cool off. Everyone said this was the closest sighting yet, but we were pretty safe — once Erik’s dog Bodhi caught scent he immediately established a perimeter of barking.

The bear left after a few minutes and that was that.

Below, a few more random photos from earlier in the day.

Shadow of a man in a wide brimmed hat with hiking pole on a dirt path
After coffee, the next part of the day is the 15 minute hike to the cabin.
Tree covered hill and blue sky in Northern California
A view along the way
Double shower nozzles spray water in an outdoor shower
Outdoor shower before another cup of coffee to review emails and the day’s tasks
Ninja ensures I am operating the shower controls properly
Ninja lords over the bathing area
A dog lays in the sand at the side of a creek
Bandit rests after much stick collecting