Brunch with Brent

At the time of this photo, I’d been 5 days without processed sugar. I don’t remember any withdrawal or mood swings. It’s easy to let things go when the are replacements so tasty.

In this instance, Brent invited us up to his cabin for an early morning brunch, before the sun got too powerful in the sky.

We enjoyed the meal in the shade while looking out across the creek to the neighboring hillside. After plates were stacked we wandered Brent’s new garden and made it down to the rock for my favorite view:

A view of a creek running between low-lying California hillsides
My favorite view from up here
An abstract piece of art made from wood
Digging this art by Robert Pierron (article)
A portrait of shirtless man with a pipe and ballcap
A portrait of Brent by Ed Luce
A pink flower captures sunlight
A closer shot of that “Farewell to Spring” flower on my walk back home