A hike to the waterfall

Still trying to sturdy myself for the terrain. The right shoes and a hiking pole help, but it’s also a game of balance and when in doubt, planting as many points of contact as possible. Whether scrambling down a path or over rocks, I’ve found my backside is one of the best anchors. May the image of this gracefulness be regulated to text.

Today’s destination was a bit further upstream. A waterfall that is best reached by going up the creek itself. The rocks are hot to the touch as temperatures soar above 100. Best to minimize using those and favor the shady parts.

Once we arrive we set up a blanket under the trees and wade into the water when we want to cool off. Rinse and repeat while the world rotates.

Sun streams through the canopy
Sunlight tree canopy reflected in sunglasses
Canopy reflections
Bodhi on the lookout for wild animals
Vegetation grows between rocks in a California creekbed
Ambling over rocks up to the waterfall
The waterline in four different photos
A dog shakes off water on a small island of stones in the middle of a creek
Shake it off