Wonderment and gratitude

Transitioning to the California timezone I’m waking at 4am (normal wake-up time in Ohio) and going back to sleep until birds start chirping. Getting up for reals, I have enough time to make a pot of coffee and watch the sunrise on the deck, pictured above.

When the pandemic hit and unknowns swirled, my initial thought was: get to the mountain and ride it out. Before too long it was clear that sheltering in place would prevent cross-state traveling. So I tucked the idea of this retreat out of mind.

As travel began to open up, it was time to daydream again. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

This was the place.

Normally I stay at my friends’ yurt, but this guesthouse was available and I jumped at the chance. And now I’m settling into this groove of being surrounded by nature and good friends, filled with wonderment and gratitude.

A craftsman styled cabin
The guesthouse
Multi-level deck and California hills
A claw footed bathtub
Though dreamy to think about, a bath is out of the question in a drought.
The path in a wooded area with a large boudler