Floating under a first quarter moon

Started off with yogurt and granola with fresh yellow raspberries from up the hill and another early day of work. The payoff was revisiting the creek armed with inflatable tubes and iced drinks during the hottest part of the day.

Two men hang out on blue inner tube floats in a creek
Enjoying the shade
A man's legs are draped over a blue inflatable innertube
Taking a break from tanning my gams
A huge granite rock in a creak bed
That rock to the left is like 15 feet above the water. Massive.
Rocks under creek water, the ripples creating lines of sunlight across the surface
Sunlight ripples across the water and rocks
An orange colored rock
My friend Zan loves rocks so much she created an Insta for them. I thought this would be a nice addition to her collection.
Aforementioned yoghurt, granola and yellow raspberries