Easing in to taking off

First proper full day on the mountain and it is transitional. There’s still work to be done and thanks to a chunk of satellite internet at the my friends’ cabin, we’re able to squeeze ones and zeros over to clients.

There’s an extra character by the name of Darla keeping us company. An adorable Frenchie, all she really wants is to go outside and play fetch.

We close our laptops after the final emails are sent off to many timezones and hike down to creek for relief from the heat. Much of the US is experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and Northern California has not been spared. But it’s fine in the shade. (It’s a dry heat.)

I’m just getting my “mountain legs” so I figure in a few weeks time I’ll be get down to the water’s edge in no time.

We closed out the night with some solid highlights. 1. Loaded low carb pizza (pictured above) and 2. Playing a round of a card game we’ve been building virtually over the pandemic. The pre-production decks arrived a few weeks back and this would be our first time playing together.

It was a blast and we immediately had more ideas to improve card design and instructions.

Day 1 on the Mountain, Summer 2021 Edition? A success.

Farewell to Spring flowers
Farewell to Spring flowers
A French bulldog paws at a door
Darla would like to play fetch
A funny coaster that reads "Don't fuck up the coffee table"
A solid coaster message
Scorpion on a dirt path
DANGER: Scorpion
Blue Rock Creek
The creek was nice, but even better the next day with inner tubes.