Three cities from above

Today was a travel day — a first involving a plane for some time. (Above, Cincinnati at sunrise.)

Filled with caution and excitement, I moved through airports with elevated awareness. I’d heard horror stories about experiences with unruly passengers, but what I experienced was the opposite.

I noticed gratitude — my own and that of others. ‘Thank you’s’ hit a little harder and were received with appreciation.

And though I’ve flown out of Cincinnati and into Seattle and San Francisco before, the views of each city from the window seat filled me with so much delight.

This glow is tempered however. I’m still worried about variants and unvaccinated folks.

But for this moment, I cling to a shred of optimism that someday before too long? It’s going to be okay — and we forge ahead with a deeper understanding of what we’ve lost and what we may gain.

Seattle's space needle as viewed from an airplane window
Space Needle!
The Golden Gate Bridge and that other one!
Shadow of a plane on parking lot
Shadow of plane on parking lot
Tip Top cocktail
Tip Top Old Fashioned cocktail in a can. Pretty good!
Colorful neon art
Neon Landscape, 1974 by Jonn Geise
Mt. Rainier as seen from a plane window
Seeing Mt. Rainier on the way out of SeaTac
Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge
Upon landing we hit the road and drove north
Driving north on highway 101
Highway 101
California mountains and hills covered in trees with a blue sky
Destination: the mountains of California