Celebrating 3, and other milestones

So… Today was a big day with some reintegration to society, fully vaccinated.

It started with an impromptu lunch on the patio of the Gruff with Joe and Mike. On approach I had a bit of fight or flight response behind my mask, but by the time the table was cleared frets had largely abated.

Then it was off to an outside gathering to celebrate the third loop around the sun for a young girl. And though it wasn’t the warmest day for swimming, it was an excellent time to put a toe in the water of social events.

A birthday cake with icing flowers surrounded by pink balloons
The birthday cake
An inflatable cat mermaid float in a pool
A cat mermaid
Water balloons
White Claw and a cheugy pillow.
Riding a bike for the first time
First time riding a proper bike
A young girl has a rainbow lollipop and a curious glance