I need a tag to classify the weekly sessions with Emily we’ve been carving out. I am calling them sessions with no modifier as we haven’t stuck to a script. Each week we show up with ever changing objectives that tug at exploration, expression, notion and play with loose context of making something greater than the sum of the parts.

Often we’ll leave each week with a couple things to chew on. Today we tackled the question: “What does your ideal day look like?” Sounds easy, but not if you like to overthink!

I realized my days need variance. I’m all for frameworks (like showering to become human and having some quiet time with coffee to ramp up…) but a strict regimen of daily activities was daunting.

We decided to modify the prompt and zoom out to think about the ideal week, then the ideal life.

Two fun asides from our time:

  1. Writing a phrase with a friend in mind and folding it into a lotus flower to share.
  2. Exploring a tool that creates patterns out of photos.

A repeating pattern of an origami lotus flower