Avocado toast and then some

There are certain things in life that elevate and attach to the senses: music, visuals, scents and tastes that reinforce synapses and hold a tighter corner of the mind…

I had heard raves again and again about the avocado toast at Mom ‘n ‘Em. I know this menu item is a punchline to many a joke, but hear me out. They have perfected a combination of garlic, sesame seed, cilantro at this Camp Washington coffee shop to sear into memory.

So much that I had this very menu item yesterday and raved about it to Casey so much we came back this morning to celebrate his totes-vaxxed-ness.

Highly recommend, that is, if you like avocado toast — or maybe even if you’re a skeptic.

While we sipped on our (also excellent) coffee waiting for the order, we watched folks drive by with loud stereos while the sun shone through the newly sprouted leaves of a Japanese Maple.

A Japanese Maple lit from the sun, photographed below the leaves
Japanese Maple with sunlight

From there we drove up to Staples and got supplies to print off passport photos because I have failed 5 times getting self-produced photos printed at drugstores around the area. (They kept scaling them and the rules for passport photos are very specific.)

Unrelated to picking up ink and paper, they had a setup with fake videoconferencing at the store. I think they did a really good job with expressions:

A fake videoconferenceing screen at a display of desk at an office supply store
Fake videoconferencing set-up at Staples