The old Save-A-Lot

I can’t tell if this is covered up graffiti, intentional art, or both. This also marks the second day in a row where I document a closed grocery store in a round about way.

They tried for the longest time to bring this back to life as a community owned market, but the challenges ran deep. The latest incarnation for this lot is retirement housing for LGBTQ seniors – a first for our city and fitting that it may find a home here in Northside.

A closed grocery store covered in covered up graffiti
A long closed Save-A-Lot grocery store in Northside, Cincinnati

You can see the faded sign with their old, old logo – preferable to the branding journey they’ve since been on:

Save-A-Lot logo history

In other news, today was Independent Bookstore Day, a made up holiday I can totally get behind.

Right across from this lot is our still new pretty new but still totally awesome Downbound Books. I was there to pick up the new Anthony Bourdain book that collects his favorite places, brought to fruition by Laurie Woolever. At this point my attention is best served by non-linear stories.