Art by Brian Elston

Back in the late 90’s I worked at an old warehouse in downtown Cincinnati with a dozen folks and we made websites. We had one of those elevators with the exposed scissor gates, desks made out of doors on sawhorses, and fresh fruit almost every afternoon at 3pm—that time of the day when you need a break from screens and everything.

I consider these years among my favorites as we tried to strike a balance between work and fun. Sometimes? We succeeded!

Brian Elston was a part of our crew and he always brought a sharp angle to whatever problem was at hand. He approached solutions from a human perspective. His needle leaned toward artist, but he has an inherit sensitivity to design as a practice.

Recently I had the thought: I need more art in my life and he had this painting that spoke to me.

I love getting really close in and finding an infinite number of compositions.

You can see more of Brian’s art at his website.

Abstract painting detail
Abstract painting detail
Abstract painting detail