The Strange Times

One of the bright spots over this past year has been getting good mail. In particular, regular updates of The Strange Times by Grace which traveled across the ocean and ended up in my mailbox.

That is, until some point right before the election when my street address has been deemed invalid. Personal letters are now sent back with a yellow sticker that reads “RETURN TO SENDER, NO SUCH STREET, UNABLE TO FORWARD.”

I’m sorry for all the returned Christmas cards. I really don’t know how to fix this.

Back to the good stuff. Each issue of this zine is dense with relevant think pieces like: Residents of what was Columbus to receive free supply of ‘Donkey Sauce’; Nature is healing, we are the virus; This food is not what I requested; mixed with virtual office games, Coronavirus Bingo and Horoscopes.

So I tip my hat to Grace. And extra thankful she was able to forward to my secret address I will not reveal for security reasons.