A chat with Phil

I took exactly one photo today. It was during a chat with Phil Armstrong and I caught him mid-blink. I can’t post that, but it doesn’t diminish the bright spot of the day. So here’s a photo of when he and Ashley wandered through the alleys during a photo walk back in 2016.

Phil’s one of those folks that are really good at a many things. I first met him through his photography, then his painting, and learned about the woodworking he’s taken up recently through social posts.

We got deep in the weeds… Talking about process and organization of photos, barely scratching the surface of that tangle of wires. We discussed publishing platforms, the arc of careers, and how photography and memory intertwine.

Phil takes daily photos too, but he actually posts them diligently.

I should take a page out of his book.

I’m so very looking forward to the not-so-distant future where we can all wander down the alleys and end up bending elbows and continue these conversations.