Up to the edge of the Gaslight

The weather broke into a lovely spring day and it aligned with the weekend. No excuses, it was time for a walk. Casey had been looping the neighborhood on his jaunts so I suggested we walk up the hill toward the Gaslight District.

This was an excuse to try and capture these new huge power lines that have been going up over the last few months. This picture provides no scale or justice to the apocalyptic scale they bring to the landscape. You should be able to make out the cherry pickers with the installation crew from afar. Just looking at the height made my knees weak.

Electric towers for the apocalypse
An indian restaurant
Dusmesh Indian Restaurant
Retirement home, think?
The apartments at the bend of Rue De La Paix
A gas light on the street
An actual gaslight
paintings on a window of mascot costumes
The former Stagecraft costume shop windows


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