On the other side of all of this

Set up a tripod to shoot something outside. Turned it around to snap a photo of Edie and figured why not capture myself too.

I may look forlorn, but I’m not entirely. Certainly the weight of the pandemic is heavy this month as the anniversary of the whole string of events is nigh. I’m feeling it—most everyone else I know is feeling it. But folks are also getting vaccinated. Each week brings news that the rollout is increasing steadily, either by approving new vaccines or establishing infrastructure to distribute them.

I was virtually chatting with Larry about my optimism for the moments ahead. He was curious as to what I meant.

I’m confident that hugs will be tighter.
We shall cherish shared moments with greater regard.
Strengthen respect and support to those in all forms of service.
Recognize the innovations of science.

There will be celebrations.
Music, art, poetry, dance and food.

We will honor the legacies of those lost,
carrying our collective dreams to fruition.

It won’t be all roses and sunshine, and it certainly won’t cut across the board. Some folks will invariably disregard the lessons buried in this collective experience.

But many will remember this as an inflection point and strive to make the future brighter on the other side of all of this.

I will count myself among them.