A drive out east

Every time I get out of the house it is an exhilarating feat. In this instance I was dropping off a Christmas gift for a friend. (Only two months late!) I took the long way home since I was already out and about.

In other news, I had a great chat with John Ford this afternoon. It’s always nice to connect with folks so we can remember that video conferencing isn’t all bad.

In other other news, this used to be the nice car wash growing up. At some point they made it even nicer and added an ice cream window.

A car wash with a creamy whip ice cream window
Johnny’s Creamy Whip in Beechmont, Ohio

This used to be my playground Wendy’s. Now it’s a great example of Boxitecture! I treated myself to a CityBird sandwich. So much better than Wendy’s.