Invest in the notion

I didn’t take a single photo today—not with a camera and not on a phone. This happens from time to time for a myriad of reasons, the best being: I was good busy.

The day started with me clicking “accept” on an agreement with Kay to re-build the very site you’re looking at right now.

I’ve been re-thinking it since 2004, but the notions have always remained a doodle, languishing in a folder on a back-up drive. Every year or so I’d riff on a doodle file it back away. Every path required expertise beyond my ability. I could see it, I just couldn’t make it.

Today, I decided to invest in the notion. I’m very excited for this journey.

(The image above is among the chaos I have since created these recent days. It is a postcard from Anxy Magazine and felt kind of related? It’s lovely nonetheless.)

Behind the scenes