The day I bought something off Craigslist

Just went back through email archives, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything off Craigslist before…

Thanks to the pandemic, it’s nigh impossible to get workout equipment, like heavy dumbbells these days. So scouring the net I went. Found a nice set of variable weights for sale, new in box with just a small bump in retail price markup.

Did the dance of emails about when and where and payment and whatnot. We met in the parking lot of a police station to provide some sense of security.

So clandestine.

Anyway, that box was heavy as I’ll get out. I didn’t see this TEAM LIFT sticker until I broke the box down for recycling.

Now I’ve got some weights!

This photo is unrelated. It was just nice to get out of the house, the sun was shining and the car looked cool.

Car in need of repair