The swearing in of the 46th President happened

I’m limiting intake of news to dedicated moments of the day. This was one such moment.

The Capitol was shining, a dramatic shift from battlefield imagery from the attempted coup just two weeks ago.

And other than musical numbers that felt out of place, the inauguration of Joe Biden went well enough.

The highlight was easily the poem by Amanda Gorman. Powerfully good.

Seeing Kamala Harris get sworn in was moving.

Biden’s speech, though long in the tooth, emphasized his administration’s priorities in basic terms. I read somewhere that when someone is making things too complex to understand, Biden asks them to start over like they’re telling it to their mother. I like that, even if I just made it up. (I really tried to search for sources.)

It’s pretty much the foundation of no malarkey.

And that’s our biggest challenge I think: how we’ll wade through nonsense that becomes someone’s truth.

But for this moment? My heart is a little lighter that we’re at least on a path that moves forward.

I went outside, looked up at the big blue sky, and took deep breaths.

As seen on tv
Amanda Gorman performing the inauguration poem for Joe Biden as streamed on a computer monitor
Blue skies in Northside

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