A box with oranges that wasn’t filled with oranges

It’s been lovely to work with some familiar faces of late. Bryan from the WOXY days is leading a nice UI project and Matt is helping on the front end.

It’s remote, but when you have an established rapport, everything flows so nicely.

I feel like this vibe is happening with every separate project I’m a part of at the moment. (3 big meaty ones, 2 small but significant ones and a half dozen in the passion category.) That’s more work than usual, but everything is in various stages of production so it’s seldom overwhelming.

There’s another layer to this that’s harder to articulate, but I think it has a lot to do with empathy.

We are acknowledging the elephant in the Zoom, so to speak.

This moment in time is very hard on so many fronts. We can’t just sprint along without acknowledging the impact.

We acknowledge it.

Build it into our timelines.

Meetings are small, not-too-often, and always start with an earnest check-in of how everyone is doing.

Oh, and we turn on our cameras.

I feel like we’re going to come out on the other side of this with more compassion.

Every project needs this acknowledgement of humanity henceforth!

Oh that box with oranges? My friend Richard dropped it off with a slew of other goodies and I just thought it was super pretty.