Sir, this is an Arbys

In April 2018 I bought a new car—a VW Alltrack. (aka Golf Sportwagen).

It was pretty much my dream car to replace the 2007 Rabbit.

Sunroof. Stick shift. CarPlay. Seats!

At some point I started to notice shit was getting damp on the inside. Fogged up interior after a rain. Soggy items in the boot. And then I noticed bills and checks above the sun visor were puckered.

At some other point VW sent a note about a recall on the sunroof.

It didn’t drain proper.

So today? After many months and much consternation I took it in, using a key drop box after hours to do a contactless transaction.

Casey drove me home and all I have to show for it is this Arby’s drive by photo.

I really wanted a Roast Beef sandwich.